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"Both my furniture and paddles intertwine beauty and form to create function and art simultaneously."


RAINBOWAVE paddles have for 35 years
been on the cutting edge of form, function, quality, and
beauty. They are used by racers, guides, and recreational
boaters in the most technical and demanding whitewater
situations around the world. Paddle on my friends!

RAINBOWAVE paddles are available in only one quality grade that is comparable to any

custom, top of the line paddle found in the world.


They come in a variety of styles and features as well as prices:


K-1 Standard Shaft

K-1 Twisted Shaft









All paddles regardless of shaft construction are available in the following blade shapes:





Trick stick(teardrop)

Other custom shapes.

Shaft Construction

All shaft construction is of the plate configuration using Ash and Basswood multi-laminations. The two halves of the paddle in Standard shafts are joined in the center by means of a high ratio scarf joint. In a Twisted shaft the laminations run uninterrupted the whole length of the paddle shaft. This lack of a scarf joint removes a stress riser as well as allowing the paddle to have a livelier action without sacrificing any strength.

Carbon fiber re-enforced shaft, exotic hardwood edges and veneers are supplemental starting at $100.

Blades Include

North American Black Willow

Assorted hardwood bang strips

Hickory hardwood edges

Epoxy saturated

Dynel edges and tips

1.75 oz/sq/yd. epoxy saturated blade glass

All exposed wood is epoxy coated...&...Entire paddle is varnished.

Specs. needed to place an order:

Type of paddle:______________________________

Type of shaft:_______________________________

Style of blade:______________________________

Length of paddle:_________________________cm

Control of paddle (R or L):____________________

Degrees of offset (0-85):_____________________

Tracing of open hand for shaft sizing_____________

50% deposit______________________________

Balance plus shipping and tax upon delivery_______

Name, address, phone, fax, email, etc.___________

Delivery time is between 2 and 12 months, and will be more accurately quoted at time of order.

Mykl Messer Designs

1501 Guseman School Road

Albright, WV 26519-7533

(304) 379-9750 phone/fax

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